dancing pool

resonating rin~
ripples through the waning day~
dancing pool of thoughts

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6 Responses to “dancing pool”

  1. fivereflections Says:

    “dancing pool of thoughts…”

    it is so nice read your thoughts… hope your world is well… david

    • Margaret Says:

      hi David,
      my world is well but sooo busy hese days! thanks for the nice words. margaret

      • fivereflections Says:

        6 months later – a greeting for you to have a pleasant summer!

      • Margaret Says:

        Hi Dave, I am hopelessly busy! I don’t have enough time for many of the things that I love. But that won’t last forever. I hope that your summer is beautiful as well. -Margaret

  2. David Ashton Says:

    I love the metaphors of liquid describing music and thoughts as if they are made of the same substance – maybe they are… Beautiful!

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