sultry summer dusk ~
fresh fragrant tomato plant ~
first fruit sweet and red

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3 Responses to “tomato”

  1. buttercup600 Says:

    Wow,,,what great imagery….I can almost smell that tomatoe…so lovely. Keep on writing!! x

  2. Eileen Says:

    Hi Margaret!

    What a great tomato haiku! Do you think you and/or your readers would be interested in learning about Nashville’s 3rd annual Hot Tomato Haiku Contest?
    It grew out of the Tomato Art Fest ( and attracted hundreds of entries last year. Entry is free and we’re giving away some great prizes! You don’t have to be from Nashville (or even Tennessee) to enter, though winners should be willing to read their winning haiku at this year’s festival (August 14th).
    I’d be glad to provide any more info I can. Details and entry at

    Eileen and the Team

  3. fivereflections Says:

    fragrances are drifting from your haiku

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