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May 30, 2010

dusk reveals black night ~
fireworks explode far away ~
scent of musk and fire


May 27, 2010

cloud drifts on warm wind ~
sultry summer sun revealed ~
earth is hot and dense


May 21, 2010

purple flower sinks ~
bumble bee lights on a chive ~
river of summer

earth turns

May 7, 2010

dried thyme and dust ~
my shovel turns winter’s dirt ~
breath of earth at dusk ~
the sun falls behind the trees ~
morning dove and cardinal sing


May 5, 2010

charmed by new leaves ~
spring wind is a satin stream ~
scented with lilacs

rain dance

May 3, 2010

blossoms, earth and water ~
spring rain drops on clover leaves ~
blissful dance begins


May 2, 2010

every day stones rain ~
I retreat bruised and bleeding ~
wound up tight ~
barbed wire ball ~
tighter and tighter ~
until the dark sea of fatigue succumbs my fear ~
sorrow and joy unravel the tangled wire ~
my love overflows it’s earthly container ~
spilling onto the newly born earth ~
dissipating into the sunlit sky ~
touching the moon ~
shining back at me in the eyes of everyone I meet ~
undone, wounded with scars ~
I feel ~
never to retreat again